Careers in the areas of Business Management and Computer Information Systems (CIS) are varied, flexible, in-demand and typically well-paid.    Fullerton College’s Business and CIS Division is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of students looking to become more valuable in the job market.  Whether the student wants to transfer to a university, obtain an associate’s degree or certificate, or simply brush up on business or computer skills, we’ve got the curriculum and staff to help you accomplish your goals.

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Why Study Business/CIS at Fullerton College?

Voted #1

Fastest growing community college in the United States.

170+ Courses

The Business/CIS Division offers over 170 courses in areas which include Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Real Estate, Computer Information Systems, Computer Gaming and Paralegal.

Good Value

At $46/unit, community college tuition is less than 80% of a California State University’s tuition.

Active Community

The City of Fullerton has an active nightlife with restaurants, nightclubs, and cultural activities to keep you entertained during your free time.

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Take a Look at What Our Grads Say

Mario Castro

What have you taken away from you experience at Fullerton College?
I truly believe my experience at Fullerton was the foundation to my success in my education and eventually in my professional career.

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Jackie Napalan

I work at Bloomberg Institute, the educational division of Bloomberg. Bloomberg is the leading financial news, data, and analytics provider globally. I manage university relations with professors, deans, and career services to help students with finance recruiting and training. I am now based in New York City.

Why did you choose Fullerton College?

I went to Sunny Hills High School, and Fullerton College seemed like the logical choice for me. My education was 100% self-funded, and my parents couldn’t really support me because they were busy paying for their own bills. It was cheaper than going into a UC directly after high school and it was close to home. I also knew that I could transfer to a 4-year institution later. I actually didn’t even apply for college when I graduated high school because I knew I was going to Fullerton College.

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Allie Sanchez

Fullerton College has been one of the greatest choices I have made. I originally started college in 2005 and completed one semester at Riverside City College in Business Management. I left to pursue a pharmacy technician certificate from a trade school, which I am still paying off.

When I made the decision to return to college 8 years later, I was living a block away from Fullerton College and could easily walk to campus. Upon arriving to Fullerton College I instantly noticed the difference between the two colleges.

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Alex Michel

My name is Alex Michel; I am an alumnus of Fullerton College. I left Fullerton College with three degrees and two certificates. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at San Francisco State University and have plans to enter its MBA program.

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