Careers in the areas of Business Management and Computer Information Systems (CIS) are varied, flexible, in-demand and typically well-paid.    Fullerton College’s Business and CIS Division is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of students looking to become more valuable in the job market.  Whether the student wants to transfer to a university, obtain an associate’s degree or certificate, or simply brush up on business or computer skills, we’ve got the curriculum and staff to help you accomplish your goals.

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august, 2016

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Why Study Business/CIS at Fullerton College?

Voted #1

Fastest growing community college in the United States.

170+ Courses

The Business/CIS Division offers over 170 courses in areas which include Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Real Estate, Computer Information Systems, Computer Gaming and Paralegal.

Good Value

At $46/unit, community college tuition is less than 80% of a California State University’s tuition.

Active Community

The City of Fullerton has an active nightlife with restaurants, nightclubs, and cultural activities to keep you entertained during your free time.

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Take a Look at What Our Grads Say

 Any advice for incoming students?

1) Take advantage of free support and resources offered at Tutoring Center, Writing Center

2) Get involved and stay involved with the college, and the whole department of your major because their knowledge, experience in the field, and mentorship will help you to achieve the level of success that you would have not achieved on your own.  The whole Division is there to support you.

Thu Nguyen  Spring 2016

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Advice for incoming students?

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What have you taken away from your experience at Fullerton College? 

Honors courses are challenging but were the best investment of my time because I have received words of encouragement and support from President Dr. G. Schulz, V.P. Dr. S. Jones, Dean of Business/CIS Div. Dr. D. Benoit, and many other faculty. All of you have the heart for student success. Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK YOU.

Thu Nguyen  Spring 2016

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Honors courses

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I chose this division because I feels as an aspiring entrepreneur, it will allow me to grow both individually and professionally through the knowledge I gained.

Kevin Meza  Spring 2016


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Why the Business/CIS Division?

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The campus is beautiful.  I love walking on campus and seeing the wonderful landscaping and old buildings.  I also enjoy how helpful the advisors, professors, and staff are.  I really felt like everyone cared about my success.

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The campus

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I chose Fullerton College because I knew the transfer to CSUF would be seamless and it had a reputation for good professors.  Megan Darnell  Spring 2016

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Easy to transfer

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Mario Castro

What have you taken away from you experience at Fullerton College?
I truly believe my experience at Fullerton was the foundation to my success in my education and eventually in my professional career.

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