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Fullerton College Business and CIS Division


The Accounting curriculum at Fullerton College offers students several options for a successful future. A student can take courses to obtain an entry-level position in bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll or taxation. Students can take all required lower-division courses before transferring to a four-year institution for any business degree. Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in any subject and are looking for a career in accounting will be excited to know that all accounting courses taught at Fullerton College are accepted towards the 24-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Classes are offered in a variety of formats to meet your needs: On campus, hybrid and on-line.

Note: Course Rotation Sheet, subject to change.

F=Future Offering

Classes Units Class Description     Fall   2017       Spring 2018   Summer 2018
      Day Nignt Online Day Night Online Day Night Online
ACCT 001 3 Accounting for Small Business X X   X X        
ACCT 011 2 Payroll Accounting         X        
ACCT 101A 5 Financial Accounting X X X X X X X X X
ACCT 101B 5 Managerial Accounting X X X X X X X X X
ACCT 102H   Honors Financial Accounting   F              
ACCT 103H   Honors Managerial Accounting         F        
ACCT 107 3 Computerized Accounting with Quickbooks     X     X     X
ACCT 201A 5 Intermediate Accounting I   X              
ACCT 201B 5 Intermediate Accounting II         X        
ACCT 202 4 Introduction to Cost Accounting         X        
ACCT 203 3 Audit & Assurance Services   X              
ACCT 204 3 Analysis of Financial Statements         X        
ACCT 205 3 Ethics in Accounting   X              
ACCT 210   Advanced Accounting         F        
ACCT 215   Accounting for Govt and Non Profits         F        
ACCT 220 3 Individual Income Taxation                  
ACCT 221   Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Trust Taxation         F        
ACCT 230 3 Excel for Accountants   X   X         X
ACCT 240   Accounting Information Systems X                
ACCT 250   Forensic Accounting   X              
ACCT 295 3 Accounting Internship X     X          

Department Coordinator

Alan McAllister
Managerial Accounting

Department Faculty

Ming-yin Scott
Managerial and Intermediate Accounting

Charmaine Smith
Financial and Small Business Accounting

Paul St. John
Financial and Computerized Accounting

Brandon Tran
Cost and Audit Accounting and for
Financial Statement Analysis

The Accounting Department has numerous adjunct faculty members from a wide variety of business, government, private and public accounting backgrounds.

Note: Course Rotation Sheet, subject to change.