Our Internship course, BUS 061 F, provides supervised work experience in business or industry. Students must have completed 7 units or 20 percent of the certificate and be enrolled in 6 units, which may include the internship course.

The faculty advisor must approve specific objectives before the internship begins. The work must be non-routine and managerial type. The student must devote 80 paid hours (or 60 unpaid) for every one unit (up to four units). Enrollment is limited to availability of placement. Applications must be made at least three weeks in advance of the regular spring start. Priority will be given to students with guaranteed placement in an internship.

Students in classroom setting

Contact Instructor Courtney Jane at for questions or attend an Internship Academy workshop on campus.

To see an online orientation on our Internship program, please visit this page.  You may also tell us you are interested in the internship program by completing this online form – for students and/or employers: