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CIS/Computer Information Systems Department

Computer Information Systems (CIS) studies the use of software, hardware, data, networks, and the Internet to design and develop information technology systems. CIS majors learn how to apply current computer technology to real-world business problems. Our programs provide interactive, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology, innovative media, and virtual labs and simulations.
CIS offers an Associate in Science degree and certificates in Office Technology, Programming, Database Management, Networking, Security, Game Design or Web Design.

Note: Course Rotation Sheet, subject to change.

  Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
Class   Day    Night  Online   Day    Night  Online   Day    Night  Online
CIS100 Introduction to Personal Computers X X X X X X      
CIS100H Honors Introduction to Personal Computers                  
CIS103 Computer Keyboarding     X     X      
CIS104 Presentation Graphics     X     X      
CIS106 Beginning Spreadsheet (MS Excel)   X X   X X      
CIS107 Intro to Operating Systems X X   X          
CIS109 Personal Computer Security X     X          
CIS111 Intro to Information Systems X X X X X X      
CIS120 Project Management                  
CIS123 Word Processing     X     X      
CIS130 Systems Analysis and Design                  
CIS142 Database I   X X     X      
CIS148 Intro to PC Communications     X     X      
CIS150 Introduction to Internet     X     X      
CIS152 Web Page Design II   X     X        
CIS153 Business Web Graphics                  
CIS154 JavaScript Programming I   X              
CIS157 Web Design II                  
CIS160 Intro to Cyber Security   X   X          
CIS165 Cyber Security and Networking                  
CIS166 Cyber Security and Operating Systems                  
CIS168 Cyber Security Software Tools                  
CIS170 Cisco Networking I                  
CIS171 Ethical Hacking                  
CIS172 Cisco Networking II                  
CIS173 Cisco Networking III                  
CIS174 Cisco Networking IV                  
CIS176 Web Page Layout with CMS   X     X        
CIS177 Web Design III                  
CIS180 Intro to Networking Concepts   X X     X      
CIS181 Computer Certification Preparation I                  
CIS182 Computer Certification Preparation II                  
CIS183 Network Security Fundamentals   X              
CIS200 Fundamentals of Computer Programming X                
CIS201 Introduction to Python Programming X X   X          
CIS205A Advanced Spreadsheet           X      
CIS212 Robotic Programming                  
CIS217 Visual Basic Programming I   X X   X        
CIS219 Visual Basic Programming II                  
CIS220 Web Server Programming                  
CIS221 Intro to C# Programming         X        
CIS222 Computer Scripting         X        
CIS223 Programming in C++   X              
CIS226 Java Programming I X X   X X        
CIS227 Advanced C# Programming                  
CIS228 Java Programming II   X              
CIS230 PHP and MySQL Programming                  
CIS240 Introduction to Mobile Apps                  
CIS242 Database II           X      
CIS280 Intro to Oracle : SQL and PL/SQL                  
CIS281 Intro to Networking Hardware                  
CIS285 Windows Server                  
CIS286 Web Server Management                  
CIS289 Windows Active Directory                  
CIS290 Linux/Unix Operating System                  
CIS295 Computer Information Systems Internship       X          
CISG100 Intro to Computer Game Design   X   X X        
CISG110 Intro to Prog for Computer Games   X     X        
CISG160 C# for Game Programming   X              
CISG165 C++ for Game Programming         X        
CISG170 Java for Game Programming                  
CISG175 Game Programming in Flash                  
CISG182 DirectX Graphics Programming                  
CISG185 Artificial Intelligigence in Game Prog                  
CISG190 Prog Multi-User Online Games                  
OT125 Personal typing/Keyboarding X X X X X X X X X

Department Coordinator

Dale Craig

Department Faculty

Anna Carlin

Gabriella Fernandez

Laura Melella

Brian Roach

Jane Troop

Nancy Woolridge