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Distance Education

The Fullerton College Business/CIS Division offers the largest number of online courses in the college.  Most courses taught online are also taught in the traditional on ground format too.  In an effort to keep our standards rigorous and the quality of our graduates consistent, the Division requires students taking one of our courses to complete at least 50% of the points in the class on ground in either exams or presentations.  More details about distance education is available below:

Everyone comes to the class with different expectations. An online course DOES duplicate the content of the traditional course, but NOT the delivery. An online course relies on the self-directed student completing the assignments, readings, and threads on their own time schedule while meeting the posted deadlines. It is very easy to fall behind in an online class. Email questions regarding a specific course or section directly to the instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it’s a Distance Education course?

In the course schedule you’ll notice the section number and “OL1”, which designates the class as an online class.

How do I add this course?

You must be enrolled at Fullerton College. You can enroll for online classes at Admissions and Records

When do classes meet?

There are no scheduled on-campus or on-line class periods, with some exception of some exams. (See the course syllabus.). The course is primarily asynchronous and can be accessed at your convenience. Your only requirement is to complete assignments and exams as scheduled on the syllabus.

Are the classes different from "on-campus" classes?

NO. The content is identical. Only the delivery method differs. Your transcript will NOT identify this course as an online class.

Is this method of delivery for everyone?

Absolutely NOT. You must be a self-directed student who can plan their schedules to accommodate the deadlines outlined in the syllabus. It is very easy to fall behind in an online course.

Is an online course right for me?

Students who are self-empowered are often successful at surviving the on-line journey and reaching the endpoint of their cyber course.

What are some potential problems?

Avoid traps. Don't set yourself up for doom by procrastinating, blaming others, mismanaging time or technology. Cyber students are often in multiple life roles and time is a valuable commodity.

What are threaded discussions?

They are asynchronous class discussions, much like a bulletin board. You can respond to my comments or your classmates’ comments. Post your responses and comments on the website. Do not email your responses. You participate at your leisure, but must complete them during the assigned time frames.

What are the arranged hours?

This is the time that you will spend on the course over the Internet. This does not include study time.

Will we ever meet on campus?

Yes, for exams. Each instructor has different policies, so be sure to check with the instructor.

Do we have to meet online at a specific time?

No, unless otherwise indicated in the syllabus.

How do I take exams?

Over the Internet and/or on campus, or a combination of both. Please see the course syllabus for details and policies.

Who should I contact if I am experiencing a technical problem on the Fullerton College Learning Management System website?

You should email or call the Help Desk. Contacting the instructor for answers will not solve the problem. Instructors do not have the same administrative rights to view your minute-to-minute activity as they do. However, you can always cc: a copy of your correspondence to the instructor.
Tech Support Email: helpdesk@fullcoll.edu
Tech Support Phone: 714-992-7111

Do I need to buy the textbook?

Yes. The course assignments and exams are written with the assumption that you have the book.

Where do I get started?

Your instructor will send an introductory email before the start of the semester with specific things you can do to get started. Read that email carefully and follow the instructions. The first step will be to logon to Blackboard on the first day of class to access the course and get an overview of the work required for the semester.

I’ve sent an email, but no one has responded?

All correspondence must include your last name and first name. Faculty receive a large volume of email. Much of it is junk. The only way they can distinguish between student's email and "junk" is by you following this request. Also, faculty do not respond to anonymous email. That is, people who only include their "email name", such as, "seacastle@aol.com.