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New Courses

mkt 208 f principles of selling

New Course!

A course in persuasion, helpful for ALL majors. Newly revised and updated with hands-on techniques to help you convince others' to your point of view.

Acct 205 Ethics in Accounting

Planning on getting your CPA?

This course introduces the student to professional codes of conduct and ethics adopted by professional associations and state licensing boards for accountants, auditors, and fraud examiners.  Topics include research and discussion of selected historical contemporary ethical cases and issues as they relate to accounting and business.  This course is required to take the CPA exam.

Acct 230 Excel for Accountants

Need to know Excel for work?

This course provided hands-on experience in accounting uses of Microsoft Excel.  Content includes creating data boxes in financial accounting, using multiple sheets with Excel formulas, preparing professional quality financial reports, creative graphs to interpret business results, and using Excel functions to evaluation accounting data.  Plus, we will learn how to create Financial “Dashboards”.

BUS 100 F Introduction to Business

New CSU GE Area D

BUS 112 Public Speaking for Business


Want to feel confident in business meetings?

This course is an introduction to public speaking and presentation.  The course will provide students with the tools to prepare and present ideas effectively.  Small group speaking exercises and large group presentations will allow the student to gain confidence is speaking and presentation skills. 

BUS 131 F Introduction to International Business

New CSU GE Area D

BUS 162 F Business Economics

New CSU GE Area D

BUS 185 Creativity Matters

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?  Artist?  Business person?

Some degree of creativity is present in everyone and is teachable and learnable in a deliberate way.  From imagining possible futures and developing new processes, expressing ideas and emotions, this course will help teach one to flourish over the course of one’s lifetime.  Creativity is not just for artists and inventors!  A variety of experiential activities supported by reading and research to develop knowledge about creativity and issues in business and in life. 

BUS 186 Funding Special Projects and New Ventures

 Looking for funds for a new venture?

Students will define, refine, and enhance their funding/fundraising skills by completing a supervised project for any funding need.  Choose study abroad, new business, or another short-term project. The larger theoretical issues that affect funding/fundraising/crowdfunding are discussed within the context of the course.

CIS 176 Web Page Layout with CMS

Designing a website?

This course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to crate, enhance, and maintain a website created with a content management system (WordPress).
Knowledge of HTML is highly recommended.

CIS 201 Introduction to Python Programming

A new and widely-used programming language for the technically minded student.

This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts and techniques for writing software in the Python programming language.  This course covers the syntax and semantics of data types, expressions, exceptions, controls structures, input/output, methods, classes, and pragmatics of Python programming.