The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division is launching a new certificate program:  Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate, effective FALL 2020. If you have a passion for numbers and details and possess strong time management and organizational skills, bookkeeping can be an exciting and rewarding career to consider.  Part of your responsibilities as a bookkeeper is to prioritize selected tasks, maintain and record transactions in company accounting records using software such as Quick Books and Excel, process payments, conduct daily banking activities, and produce a variety of financial reports.  The demand for bookkeepers is high and continues to increase, so you should have an excellent chance of obtaining employment once you complete your Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate. In addition, you might also consider combining this certificate with our entrepreneurship program, so you can learn how to start your own bookkeeping business. Once you’ve completed the required courses for this program, contact the Division Office at or visit our website: for instructions on how to apply and receive your certificate.

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