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Paralegal Department

Fullerton College’s ABA-approved Paralegal Studies Program provides the education and skills necessary for graduates to work under the supervision of an attorney as a critical member of the legal support team in all areas of law. Our program aids students in finding employment in this ever-growing, fast paced, and challenging field. According to Robert Half Legal Recruiters, “Highly sought-after legal professionals are capable of receiving multiple job offers, counteroffers and even signing bonuses.” While the program does not prepare the student for the practice of law, many graduates have gone on to law school curriculum easier to understand. The department offers both an Associate in Science degree and a certificate.

PLEASE NOTEThe Fullerton College aba-approved paralegal studies program does not prepare students for the practice of law.  Under California's business and professions code, section 6450, a paralegal may not market his or her services to the public, but must work under the direct supervision of an attorney licensed to practice law.


Paralegal Studies Associate in Science Degree


Paralegal Studies Certificate

Certificate Form

Paralegal Certificate Form

Note: Course Rotation Sheet, subject to change.

CLASS     Spring 2019  Summer 2019 Fall 2019
PLEG 101    Introduction to Paralegal Studies X X X
PLEG 104 Introduction to Legal Research and Terminology X X X
PLEG 105 Introduction to Legal Writing X   X
PLEG 116    Computers in the Law Office I X X X
PLEG 201 Civil Litigation I     X
PLEG 202 Civil Litigation II
PLEG 203 Personal Injury      
PLEG 204 Family Law
X   X
PLEG 205 Probate, Wills and Trusts
PLEG 206 Bankruptcy Law & Procedure   X  
PLEG 207 Computer-Assisted Legal Research X   X
PLEG 208 Workers' Compensation Law
PLEG 209 Criminal Law and Procedures     X
PLEG 210 Paralegal Internship
X   X
PLEG 211 Real Property Law and Procedures     X
PLEG 212 Medical Records Review 1.5      
PLEG 213 Employment & Labor Law
PLEG 214 Contract Law Procedure
PLEG 215 Discovery in Electronic Age      
PLEG 216 Computers in the Law Office II X    
PLEG 217 Immigration Law     X
PLEG 218 Entertainment and Sports Law
PLEG 219 Intellectual Property
PLEG 220 Elder Law 1.5
PLEG 225 Law Office Management
PLEG 226 Constitutional Law
PLEG 227 International Law     X

Department Coordinator

Loretta Calvert