Fullerton College Business Division is heading to Germany and Italy in SUMMER 2023. We’ll explore three European cities by planes, trains, and buses in pursuit of entrepreneurial innovation, global business awareness, and a love of cultural food and art! If you never go, you’ll never know #hornetsabroad #bus106f #fieldtrips.

Complete the INTEREST FORM and we’ll keep you informed of info sessions, scholarships, and more. Students are also encouraged to take BUS 186 F to learn how to fundraise for educational travel.

Interested? But not sure about how to finance this trip. Complete the interest form and you can join our FUNDRAISING group – together we will seek funding through scholarships, grants, company sponsorships, and fundraising events!

To get more information visit one of these links:

INTEREST FORM: https://forms.gle/Yeg2Ao6BjyjPKLiF8

WEBSITE: https://worldstrides.com/custom/business-city-field-trip-germany-italy/

SYLLABUS: https://sites.google.com/gravescom.com/bus106f/home

SLIDES ONLY: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19H0Y7uN3e5WXtBH5NKsGi2Gc-MRxjln9htiTjQkSc90/edit?usp=sharing

VIDEO/Info Session: https://youtu.be/qLxv0Wcsv-U

INSTAGRAM: @bus106fieldtrips

Business Field trip to Germany & Italy:  SUMMER 2023