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New Business & CIS Certificate Programs

Our BUS & CIS Division has 17 new certificate programs!! Read below to find out more about them

Contact us at buscis@fullcoll.edu if you have any questions about them


Entry-Level Accounting Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: Entry-Level Accounting Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  The entry-level Accounting certificate allows students to study generalized accounting and prepare students for their next steps in beginning to work in the field of accounting. This certificate is ideal for those trying to gain work experience in the field before or while completing their associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/entry-level-accounting-certificate/

Small Business Bookkeeping Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: Small Business Bookkeeping Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  This certificate is designed for the person seeking new or additional training in the area of managing the accounting records for a small business or for small business owners interested in improving their bookkeeping skills. Build your understanding and skills with vital bookkeeping functions like payroll, QuickBooks, Excel, and tax knowledge so you can balance your books like a pro.  Small business owners often turn to Accounting professionals to get the information they need to make informed business decisions.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/small-business-bookkeeping-certificate/

Payroll Accounting Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: Payroll Accounting Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  The Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate prepares students for entry-level work in payroll processing. You will gain a basic understanding of payroll accounting and its related tax obligations in addition to understanding the basic financial accounting concepts for decision-making, planning, and control. Our program develops marketable skills necessary to succeed in a variety of jobs across the field of accounting. If you already are employed in the accounting field, our program provides upgraded training to help you advance in your career.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/payroll-accounting-certificate/

Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division is launching a new certificate program:  Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate, effective FALL 2020. If you have a passion for numbers and details and possess strong time management and organizational skills, bookkeeping can be an exciting and rewarding career to consider.  Part of your responsibilities as a bookkeeper is to prioritize selected tasks, maintain and record transactions in company accounting records using software such as Quick Books and Excel, process payments, conduct daily banking activities, and produce a variety of financial reports.  The demand for bookkeepers is high and continues to increase, so you should have an excellent chance of obtaining employment once you complete your Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate. In addition, you might also consider combining this certificate with our entrepreneurship program, so you can learn how to start your own bookkeeping business.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/advanced-bookkeeping-certificate/

Cost Accounting Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: Cost Accounting Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for a cost accountant is well above the national median salary. Also, the BLS projects 6% job growth for accountants and auditors from 2018-2028. To take advantage of this growth, students should consider gaining a certificate in cost accounting and enter the cost accounting field.  Cost accountants analyze information such as financial documents and performance evaluations to help managers make informed decisions. Cost accountants help cut costs, increase margins, and boost profits. Students in the cost accounting program at Fullerton College gain the skills these professionals use in their daily work.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/cost-accounting-certificate/

Financial Accounting Certificate

The Financial Accounting Certificate program emphasizes developing an advanced understanding of accounting principles, analytical skills, and the capacity to solve problems. The objective of the program is to prepare students for a professional entry-level career within a focus area of accounting by building both technical and soft skills. Some career opportunities include accountant, bookkeeper, data-entry clerk, financial staff accountant, cost accountant, and general office clerk.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/financial-accounting-certificate/


Individual Taxation Certificate

The Individual Taxation Certificate is designed for individuals interested in becoming a specialist in individual income tax preparation and become a “Certified Tax Preparer” in the state of California. This program includes everything you need to know to file both federal and California taxes for individuals and sole-proprietor businesses. The income tax course will not only fulfill the 60-hour requirement to become a Certified Tax Preparer, but it will also provide a strong foundation of knowledge in tax preparation.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/accounting/individual-taxation-certificate/




Business Management


The Business of Art Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: The Business of Art Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  You’ve mastered your artistic talent, now you can also gain a professional edge in the business of art. This art entrepreneurship program is an excellent addition to the art degree programs we offer, providing additional foundational business and marketing readiness, leadership experience, and essential entrepreneurship competency to students interested in art and design-related business ventures such as gallery management, studio management, freelance artist, freelance designer, and business ownership to name a few.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/the-business-of-art-certificate/

Mobile Applications Entrepreneur Certificate

The Fullerton College Business & CIS Division has launched a new program: Mobile Applications Entrepreneur Certificate, effective FALL 2020.  The next big app could be one you create! The need for mobile app developers is constantly on the rise. Get the skills you need to build basic mobile apps. You’ll learn to design, create, and support mobile applications.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/mobile-applications-entrepreneur-certificate/

Business Data Analytics Certificate

The Business Data Analytics Certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of how analytics can help improve their decision-making in business. Students can discover a new way to look at data and identify insights, improve their ability to make predictions for the long term, and prescribe actions that make better business decisions. This certificate prepares a student for entry-level positions in management in the public and private sector areas such as public accounting, manufacturing, small business, financial service, wholesale trades, government, and more. Specialized training in data analytics enables students to meet the growing demands for analysis and interpretation of data.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/business-data-analytics-certificate/


Business Networking and Sales Certificate

The Business Networking and Sales Certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in any business. The opposite of networking is not working. And, when developed correctly, it can be a most important business skill. Every time you meet someone, there is an opportunity to learn from them and be a resource to them. In sales, networking is a necessary skill for finding new clients and centers of influence and building a strong referral pipeline. It is also a strategy used to open doors and build powerful relationships. This program is designed for future professionals who are individual members of a team and for those who manage a team or the sales function of a business; For sales managers or executives looking to effectively coach your team and build a high-performing sales engine; Entrepreneurs looking to build a sales team and acquire customers; Business leaders who would like to be more persuasive and influential; Business development professionals who play a role in sales and managing relationships; and Professionals making a horizontal career shift into sales from another functional role.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/business-networking-and-sales-certificate/


Business Skills Certificate

The Business Skills Certificate (formerly titled Business and Technology Certificate) will prepare a student with practical business skills in a field of their choice. This certificate provides the professional skills to compete in today’s workplace. Students can give their career a boost by mastering people and process expertise in areas like communication, critical thinking, finance, leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/business-skills-certificate/


Finance Certificate

The Finance Certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the financial services industry or who are responsible for making financial decisions. The focus of the program helps students to gain a solid foundation in the principles of finance, becoming well informed of topics critical to financial planning, implementation, measurement, and investment. Emphasis on building advanced knowledge of economic theory, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, international markets, and risk management to prepare students for employment.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/finance-certificate/


Finance Skills Certificate

Apply financial principles and techniques for valuation and wealth maximization, financial risk assessment, investment analysis, and management decision-making. Use a working vocabulary of business/finance terminology.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/finance-skills-certificate/


International Business Management Certificate

The International Business Management Certificate is designed to prepare students for various aspects of international management. Topics include the challenges of managing international organizations, the impact of culture on organizations, and the management of cultural diversity at home and abroad. If you think you want to work abroad, consider adding the Fullerton College’s optional Study Abroad program, offered every semester, which will connect you to new cultural and educational experiences.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/international-business-management-certificate/


Marketing Management Skills Certificate

The Marketing Management Skills Certificate is designed for students who intend to seek immediate employment in the field of marketing and/or business, and those presently employed in marketing but seeking advancement. Graduates of this program may be employed in a number of jobs and career areas such as Advertising and Promotions Manager, Marketing Manager, Agent and Business Manager of Artists, Performers, and Athletes, Market Research Analyst, and Marketing Specialist.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/marketing-management/marketing-management-skills-certificate/


Human Resources Management Certificate

The Human Resources Management Certificate prepares students to manage and develop human capital in a business organization. This includes instruction related to personnel and organization policy, human resources dynamics and flows, labor relations, civil rights, human resources law, recruitment and selection, employee-related job training programs, and management of human resources programs and operations.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/business/human-resources-management-certificate/


Real Estate Sales Certificate

The Real Estate Sales Certificate is designed to prepare students for a career in real estate. The program will provide the details and classroom experience for the student seeking to enter the real estate profession and/or for the individual seeking to learn more about real estate as a prospective homeowner or real estate investor. Upon program completion, students will have completed the courses required to sit for the California Real Estate Sales license.

See the program in the catalog: https://catalog.nocccd.edu/fullerton-college/degrees-certificates/real-estate/real-estate-sales-certificate/