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The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have designated Fullerton College’s Cybersecurity program as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD).

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Summer 2023 International Field Trip

Fullerton College Business Division is heading to Germany and Italy in SUMMER 2023. We’ll explore three European cities by planes, trains, and buses in pursuit of entrepreneurial innovation, global business awareness, and a love of cultural food and art! If you never go, you’ll never know #hornetsabroad #bus106f #fieldtrips.

Complete the INTEREST FORM and we’ll keep you informed of info sessions, scholarships, and more. Students are also encouraged to take BUS 186 F to learn how to fundraise for educational travel.

Interested? But not sure about how to finance this trip. Complete the interest form and you can join our FUNDRAISING group – together we will seek funding through scholarships, grants, company sponsorships, and fundraising events!

To get more information visit one of these links:

INTEREST FORM: https://forms.gle/Yeg2Ao6BjyjPKLiF8

WEBSITE: https://worldstrides.com/custom/business-city-field-trip-germany-italy/

SYLLABUS: https://sites.google.com/gravescom.com/bus106f/home

SLIDES ONLY: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19H0Y7uN3e5WXtBH5NKsGi2Gc-MRxjln9htiTjQkSc90/edit?usp=sharing

VIDEO/Info Session: https://youtu.be/qLxv0Wcsv-U

INSTAGRAM: @bus106fieldtrips

Business Field trip to Germany & Italy:  SUMMER 2023

Congratulations to Professor Lee Steidel

The California Community Colleges Real Estate Education Center is delighted to present the 2021 Advancing Real Estate Education award to Lee Steidel.

With over fifteen years of community college teaching experience, Lee has served as an adjunct faculty member at Mesa College, Fullerton College and San Diego City College.

As the Mesa College real estate program faculty lead and Program Review Lead Writer for six years, Lee’s overarching goal was to maximize student access to more comprehensive, staggered 8-week online course offerings. As a result of these efforts, Mesa College was ranked number three in 2017 in terms of real estate enrollments by the Chancellor’s Office out of 69 participating community college real estate programs. Lee founded the Mesa College Real Estate Advisory Committee and serves as its Chair.

At Fullerton College, Lee originated the course outline of record for a newly launched Advanced Real Estate Finance course and presented a workshop in innovative educational technology to enhance student success. Lee expanded the appraisal curriculum at San Diego City College and helped launch the widely attended annual Real Estate Career Fair Expos featuring local real estate employers, keynote speakers and a panel of real estate experts.

A graduate of UCLA, Lee has over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate valuation, property management and investment. She has been a speaker at the USD Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate and a featured guest on the Los Angeles KNX 1070 Money 101 Show and the San Diego 760 KFMB Love Real Estate Talk Radio Show. To advance real estate career development, Lee personally curates and publishes a Jobs Board by industry specialty as a separate module in each of her seven online courses. Her commitment to student and career success includes showcasing video stories of her top successful students to serve as an inspiration for future students.

Lee was nominated by fellow real estate faculty, and we are proud to recognize her efforts in building successful real estate career education programs for students at three California community colleges.

New Business and Data Analytics Course Available!!!


This course is an introductory business course designed to give an understanding of the complete analytics cycle. From determining requirements to extracting and disseminating information, the course will cover the process, technologies, applications, tools, and skills required to analyze data so that informed and timely decisions can be made. Students will learn the methodologies, techniques, and tools most commonly used in data analytics. Other topics include methods and tools for visualization, inference, forecasting, optimization, simulation, and data mining. Tools will include Excel, Alteryx, Qualtrics Survey Software, and Tableau.

CRN 14106  Tuesdays, by Zoom 7:00 PM